Patrol service package for POC transceivers – €99

Patrol service package for POC transceivers

Patrol service package for POC transceiversPatrol services package for POC (Push-to-talk Over Cellular) transceivers with interconnection and data exchange with server and remote control center accessible via personal computer (portable or fixed): this package includes all basic services plus remote video control (requires POC radio equipped with video camera) and video recording on server plus a complete system for the management of patrols via POC radio, extremely useful to all those companies or companies that perform or offer night-time surveillance and security services, security guards, sworn brigade, etc. Yearly price is per single POC radio.

The patrol package allows you to use all of the following services:

– private radio network management (for example a trucking company that wants to connect all its vehicles)
– group partitioning within the subscriber’s private radio network (useful in the case of many vehicles destined to different tasks and spread over a very large territory)
– remote location of all vehicles on which the POC transceivers have been installed
– messaging and chat within the private radio network
– remote audio control of the passenger compartment via the integrated microphone of the radio, with the possibility of listening in real time and recording on a remote server
– sending of selective messages from control center, group calls, private calls for single users, text messages
– alarm function with immediate request for help and localization, which can be activated by simply pressing the emergency button on the front of the radio
– remote shutdown and / or blocking of the radio in case of theft of the same or the vehicle
– remote video control of the passenger compartment via optional camera, with the possibility of real-time video monitoring and video recording on a remote server (useful in case of theft or transport of dangerous or valuable material)
– complete patrol system on POC radio and server-based remote control center, with tracking of position and patrol times, points to inspect, creation of customized patrol routes, etc.


To use the advanced services on your POC (Push-to-talk Over Cellular) radio, simply purchase your desired service package and wait for system access codes to be sent to you.

Our basic service package is compatible with all our POC radios and also with radios of other brands (you are welcome to ask us for a compatibility confirmation before purchasing).
To all our service packages for POC (Push-to-talk Over Celluar) transceivers it is possible to add the advanced telematic communication package (always at an annual cost) which allows all the following services:

– sending and receiving calls on a nomadic telephone number (possibility of having a “public” fixed network telephone number, to be communicated to customers and suppliers, from which to answer and make telephone calls directly from the transceiver) with recording function for all calls incoming and outgoing telephone numbers
– sending and receiving emails with reading and writing directly from the transceiver display

This package is ONLY compatible with our POC radios and not with those of other brands; to purchase the package, select the full version of “Evotelemat” package from the product options menu.