License-free radio with audio and video monitoring for vehicles – €450

License-free radio with audio and video monitoring for vehicles

The license-free transceiver for mobile vehicles is a special, professional transceiver with unlimited range, usable without the obligation of a specific license for radio equipment, which works on the global cellular network.

To operate the license-free transceiver, all you need is one SIM card from any cellphone carrier, as long as it is enabled for data transmission: thanks to operation on the 2.5/3G/4G cellular networks as well as WiFi, this license-free transceiver with unlimited range works anywhere under cellular network coverage in the world and, by changing the SIM card or connection type, it is also immune to roaming surcharges.

Operation is completely identical to the one of a normal transceiver, with embedded microphone, loudspeaker and a dedicated side button (PTT).

Our license-free transceiver with unlimited operating range is actually five products into one:

  1. – POC transceiver on cellular network
  2. – mobile phone (with text message sending and receiving capabilities, Internet browsing, etc.) with high power hands-free
  3. – professional satellite navigator with embedded maps (it always works, even without a mobile Internet connection) and dedicated high-gain antenna
  4. – vehicle or fleet vehicle tracking and safety system (requires subscription of an additional service package)
  5. – audio-video remote monitoring system for vehicle cockpit with remote recording (requires subscription of an additional service package)

Our license-free transceiver for mobile vehicles has been specifically designed for installation on cars, trucks, buses, etc. with the aim of allowing a whole series of advanced radio-telephone communication, vehicle tracking and monitoring functions.
Thanks to the possibility of being able to receive dispatch messages automatically without taking your hands off the steering wheel as well as talking to your colleagues at the simple push of a button, without having to call them on the phone, the driving safety of all those who drive a vehicle for work (security guards, truckers, drivers, etc.) is significantly improved by the use of this radio.
In any case, it is always possible to make and receive normal telephone calls either through the integrated hands-free system or by means of the special telephone handset supplied.


Particularly suitable for the management of vehicle fleets, our license-free transceiver for mobile vehicles, groups all of the following functions or devices into one single professional device:

  • mobile phone with speakerphone and handset
  • radio transceiver with unlimited range over the cellular network
  • satellite navigator with embdedded maps (always works even without Internet connection or in the absence of cellular signal)
  • satellite tracking system for single vehicles or vehicle fleets (requires additional service)
  • satellite anti-theft alarm for vehicles (requires additional service)
  • remote audio-video monitoring system for cockpit and/or passenger compartment with remote recording (requires additional service)
  • sending and receiving of emails
  • sending and receiving of chat messages or dispatch messages with automated reading in real time (requires additional service)
  • language and voice messages in English
  • patrol function (requires additional service)
  • mobile office function (requires additional service)

The mobile office feature allows you to make and receive phone calls on a business landline number that you will be hosting on your device while being totally mobile.

Our license-free transceiver for mobile vehicles features a compact design, extremely easy installation, reliable performance and always the best possible mobile network signal, thanks to the high gain “diversity” antenna system (included).

Starting with two devices, it is possible to subscribe to our additional service with extended functions: this additional service allows you to have a control center (software application) to be installed on any PC, by which to effectively manage communication as well as the geolocation and monitoring of all the vehicles where the radios have been installed.
Within the same private service network, it is also possible for the various radios to interact with each other, knowing each other’s position at any time, sending each other calls or messages, etc.

System demo is available on a payment basis: ask us for a demonstration!


  • 2.5G/3G/4G mobile network
  • 2.4G WiFi
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Dedicated map button
  • Dedicated SOS button
  • 4 “TFT touchscreen display
  • Integrated 2MP camera
  • Dual microphone (PTT + integrated microphone)
  • Operating temperature -20 + 80 ° C
  • Power supply 12-24VDC
  • Professional high power speaker
  • Transceiver status signaling LED