Our technology

With the advent of 3G, 4G and WiFi high-speed networks, introducing a new technology called “POC” (Push to talk Over Cellular) has become a reality.

The “POC” technology has made it possible to equip a cellular device with all the functions typical of a transceiver .

On the practical side, this innovation allows the user to benefit from a considerable series of advantages, as clearly illustrated on this page.

Thanks to these advances, our company has integrated the “POC” technology into an even more advanced system that has actually marked the birth of a proprietary technology, called “CTS”:

  • Communication
  • Tracking
  • Safety

Our “CTS” technology consists of a centralized computer system, a network of servers with worldwide coverage and a selection of transceiver devices compatible to operate with our system.

The equipment and services that we offer to our customers, truly represent the total integration of our technology with the “POC” technology, making available at a single and very modest annual service fee, a unique radio transceiver which allows:

  • worldwide tactical and emergency tracking
  • worldwide radio as well as (if necessary) cellular communication between individual users or mobile vehicles
  • worldwide security in terms of remote control, supervision and assistance to men and vehicles

Our radios and “CTS” technology together offer, at a reduced cost if compared to other similar solutions, all the following features into a unique product:

  • radio transceiver with unlimited operating range
  • classic mobile phone with speakerphone and handset
  • GPS navigator with embedded basemap
  • mobile office with sending/receiving emails and dedicated landline number
  • GPS tactical tracking system
  • SOS emergency alarm system
  • audio-and-video remote control system
  • a reliable system for communication and safety on mobile vehicles
  • a vehicle fleet management and tracking system
  • a system for the management and tracking of personnel operating in a given area
  • a system for the management of patrols and patrol activities
  • a message dispatch system with automated voice reading (for an increased driving safety)
  • a centralized control center for supervising operations of all mobile units

All our transceivers and advanced services can be used without any govermental license and without paying any government license fee.

The one and only pre-requisite is to have any data-enabled SIM/U-SIM card available to use with your radio transceiver.

Voice and data transmissions cannot be listened to or intercepted by third parties even if equipped with a scanner or multiband radio receiver.

We are able to meet all needs: from individuals to small businesses, from public bodies/entities to large companies.

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