Our customers

Our “CTS” technology (Communication Tracking and Safety), allows us to offer advanced technical products and services, aimed precisely at satisfying the needs of a wide range of customers.

Our customers are entities, individuals or companies that may need, for a number of reasons, a reliable system allowing them to locate their men or vehicles, communicate with them, enhance theri personnel safety on the move over a given area, or even all of these things together.

From the private individual who wants to have a safe and reliable tool to communicate with their children and protect them from the ever-increasing number of modern pitfalls, to the large company with the need for a unique product and service to manage communication, tracking and security of its fleet of vehicles.

Thanks to the high flexibility and scalability of our technology and systems, we can now offer customized solutions at a low cost for anyone.

Some examples of our typical customers and their needs that can be met with our technology, are available as follows:

  • car rental companies
  • taxi/cab companies
  • car rental with driver
  • bus lines for public transport
  • truck drivers
  • express couriers
  • private security companies
  • supervisory institutes
  • healthcare transport companies
  • private investigators
  • any company with a fleet of vehicles
  • individuals for private and family use
  • civil protection entities
  • radio amateurs
  • companies that offer network service maintenance

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