License-free radio for cars and vehicles – €299

License-free radio for cars and vehicles

license-free transceiver for mobile vehiclesOur POC (Push-to-talk Over Cellular) transceiver with mobile phone, navigator and advanced services for vehicle fleets, is an advanced system for mobile communications among vehicles, which actually integrates four products into one:
1) a POC (Push-to-talk Over Cellular) transceiver for radio communications without operating range limitations and without the need for a license;
2) a radiotelephone system for cars and mobile vehicles equipped with speakerphone and telephone handset;
3) a satellite navigator based on Google Maps;
4) a radio system for communication among fleets of vehicles, equipped with advanced services (centralized control of vehicles on the territory, messaging, centralized vehicle tracking, remote audio monitoring, etc.);

once installed in the vehicle, the transceiver will allow the driver to have all the necessary tools for communication and mobile navigation by using only a single device and, above all, a device that can be used correctly and legally, without the distractions typical of using a mobile phone while driving.


The POC (Push-to-talk Over Cellular) transceiver works in real time on mobile network frequencies (2.5G, 3G, 4G) and requires a USIM to operate: in return, this transceiver allows, unlike normal transceivers, an unlimited operating range (worldwide coverage) and the possibility of being used without license and annual government fees.
Suitable for both private individuals and companies, our POC transceiver with mobile telephone, navigator and advanced services, represents a truly ideal solution for the management and interconnection of vehicle fleets, as long as telecommunications among vehicles belonging to the same fleet, location and tracking of vehicles as well as operational management of the same are concerned.
The POC (Push-to-talk Over Cellular) transceiver also offers a full cross-country operation and is able to operate even outside your home country.

The connection between one transceiver and another takes place immediately at the push of a button and without typing any telephone number: the called radio will receive the intended radio message equally quickly wherever it is, in real time.

Furthermore, by subscribing to our advanced service packages, the POC (Push-to-talk Over Cellular) transceiver allows all the following advanced features:

  • – private radio network management (for example a trucking company that wants to connect all its vehicles together)
  • – partitioning for groups within the same private radio network (useful in case of many vehicles destined for different tasks and spread over a very large territory)
  • – remote location for all the vehicle on which the POC transceivers have been installed
  • – messaging and chat within the private radio network
  • – remote audio control of the passenger compartment via the integrated microphone of the radio, with the possibility of real-time listening and recording on a remote server
  • – sending selective messages from the control center, group calls, private calls for single users
  • – SOS alarm function with immediate request for help and localization, something which can be activated by simply pressing the emergency button on the front radio panel
  • – remote video monitoring of the passenger compartment using an optional camera, with the possibility of real-time video monitoring and video recording on a remote server (useful in case of theft or transport of dangerous or costly goods)
  • – remote shutdown and/or blocking of the radio in case of theft of the same or the vehicle
  • – sending and receiving calls on a nomadic telephone number (possibility of having a “public” landline telephone number, to be communicated to customers and suppliers, by which to answer and make telephone calls directly from the transceiver) with incoming and outgoing call recording
  • – email sending and receiving directly from the transceiver display.

The POC (Push-to-talk Over Cellular) transceiver can also be installed as a stand-alone unit at a central office, a coordination and control center or the company headquarters, thus making the system extremely versatile and efficient for commercial/business use.
In addition to all the functions described so far, system also allows the use of the Skype platform to place and receive voice calls to and from all your Skype contacts, as well as complete Skype video calls (this function requires an additional camera, which is optionally available).


It is also always possible to make and receive standard mobile telephone calls on the USIM card number which must be used along with the radio: in this case, compared to a normal mobile phone or smartphone, you will be benefiting from a real mobile telephone system with integrated hands-free for full-legal use while driving, high-gain antenna (external antenna also optionally available), telephone handset for confidential cockpit conversations and direct power supply from the vehicle battery.

Operation frequency standards: GSM (2G) + GPRS + EDGE (2.5G) + UMTS (3G) + LTE (4G)
Dimensions: 6.6″x3.3″x3.2″ – 17×8,5x8cm
Weight: 13.5oz. – 380gr
Screen: 4.5 “TFT
Power supply: 10-24VDC