Our services

To use any of our license-free radios with “POC-CTS” technology (Push to talk Over Cellular for Communication, Tracking and Security), in addition to the radio device itself and the required SIM/U-SIM with enabled mobile data, it is necessary to subscribe to our “CTS” data transfer service.

The “CTS” data transfer service, available at a very modest annual fee, not only allows the “POC-CTS” technology to work, but also makes a fast and effective exchange of data and information between radios using the same technology possible.

For this reason, we provide our customers with a series of different service packages to use with our “POC-CTS” transceiver: these different service packages come avaialble at an extremely low cost, while including a truly remarkable number of features.

In order for each “POC-CTS” radio transceiver to work properly, at least one subscription to any of our “POC-CTS” transceiver service packages is required.

Three different service packages are currently available, starting as low as € 39/year per transceiver, as following (for more information and to purchase our service packages, click on the link related to the service package of your interest):